It was almost a bad day.

My almost bad day started when I caught the bus at 8:30am. I had an appointment at 9:30 am in Grafton, and I honestly thought I would make it on time. I think I would have, had I not forgotten that the bus pass I held was only good for around the CBD. I then had to look for a place to cash out (just my luck, I had no spare change in my wallet), which wasn’t easy. Being rejected twice by two different cashier people was frustrating, and having to run all over the place during the morning didn’t make anything better. I am not a morning person. Luckily a convenience store let me cash out given that I bought something.

Anyway, I got to my appointment, and I was still able to do what I set out to do in the first place (sort of). I went back to the university, hoping to get a check up in our school clinic because I wasn’t feeling well. Again (thanks to my luck), I realized I had forgotten my student ID which meant that no matter how bad I was already feeling (I think they would have even let me faint on the spot… and not cared at all!) they would not get me checked up. Boo. Not even the Clock Tower could help. Really though, I was already feeling ill, and being turned down by people who were supposed to help me made me feel worse.

So I went out and sat in an empty corridor. Feeling so damned hopeless, I called the one person who I knew would never fail me.

I called my boyfriend, and I cried.

He was at work then, but he stayed with me on the phone for a good half hour trying to calm me down, and at the same time searching for other clinics that allowed walk-ins. Sadly, I had to cancel the shopping date I had planned with my Mom, but with the way everything was going, I no longer had the energy to do anything else.

My boyfriend then decided to leave work (it was only 11:30am) so he could pick me up from the university. Upon his insistence, we went to the hospital nearer our house to try for a walk-in. All in all, we waited for around 3 hours. I got my check-up and medication, and only then were we able to grab some late lunch.

I am at home now, still feeling under the weather, but nevertheless thankful. It was almost a bad day, but because of this amazing person always looking out for me, everything’s okay. 🙂

“Sometimes I need a little sunshine
And sometimes I need you

Keep giving me hope for a better day
Keep giving me love to find a way
Through this messy life I made for myself
Heaven knows I need a little
Hope for a better day
A little love to find a way
Through this heaviness I feel
I just need someone to say, everything’s okay” 



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