GIF Madness!

So I was browsing over all my photos and I realized I had a few sets that were actually gif-worthy! This is one crazy post, and I hope I won’t give you a headache by putting up 5 of them here! 😉  This first one is with my girlfriends, taken in my room during my 23rd birthday party:

This one here is of Louis and I when we baked some blueberry muffins after dinner:

This one is with my forever shopping/food-tripping/blogging partner, Marnelli…

Here is another set taken during our friend Kate’s birthday party (we just had a couple of shots then…)

And finally, another one with the boyf. We were in the airport during this time, waiting for his flight to Manila. It was early in the morning, and we just had breakfast… charming, aren’t we?

I live with happy, hyper, crazy people. 🙂 


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