The Grad Album

I just want to say thanks again to everyone who made October 2 special for me! The day deserves a special post filled with photographs! There were a lot, considering that it was my dad, Louis and myself who carried a camera during the day. I’ve picked my favourite shots and arranged them in collages, organized according to the time of day!

Let’s start with the morning parade! It was something I was really excited for, because finally it was my turn to stop traffic in Queen Street and march on the roads! Thank God the rain stopped in time! The whole procession was fun because my whole family came! They weren’t supposed to, but they ended up walking in the middle of the road with me, with my dad and Louis snapping photos with every step we took!

Morning Parade with the Family!

We went up to Albert park first, another favourite and traditional hang-out of people graduating on the day, simply because Albert park is picturesque, with the beautiful fountain in the centre,  a cherry blossom that was in full bloom, and other colourful flowers that added to the festive atmosphere.

Flowers everywhere!

The rest of the morning was spent doing family pictorials and whatnots. I swear, my cheeks got a whole lot of exercise that day! But, I’ve no regrets, in fact I’m glad we took loads of pictures! I am after all, the uber sentimental type!

My dad suggested that for lunch, we celebrate in Angus Steakhouse– only the biggest and best steaks in town! At first I was reluctant because steak seemed a heavy meal for lunch, but looking back, it was good that we had a big, full lunch, because the rest of the day was packed with lots of walking and carrying lots of stuff around the city! Lunch was delicious!


And then for the rest of the afternoon, Louis and I went back to Albert park to meet friends and have photos with them (another graduation tradition). Rain or shine, people just had to take photos! It was interesting because then we got to use the umbrella as a prop! Thank you everybody who had time to visit!

Look at that cheesy smile! Photos here taken by my good friend, Darls!

Finally, we had to head back to Aotea Square for the graduation ceremony itself! Luckily the Faculty of Science had their ceremony at 4:30pm, not the earliest, and not the latest too. We never had graduation practices, the way we did back in the Philippines, so while waiting for my turn, I was mentally rehearsing which hand I was going to use to shake hands with the Dean, which hand would put on the graduation hat, how I’d wave, etc. etc. Haha! Talk about nerves! It was a beautiful moment! I remember waving to the crowd and seeing the orange flash of my camera- my mom was the one using my camera during the ceremony.

Thank you, Auckland University!

Celebrate good times, come on!

And of course, I just couldn’t resist doing all the happy-graduation gimmicks! Jumping in the air, or hat in the air! You name it, I probably did it!

A big dinner with the awesome friends in the Mexican Cafe was the grand finale to my day. We ordered a couple of margarita jugs to wash down the tacos and burritos! It was a good place for a big group like us. Add to it the equally festive atmosphere that matched the mood of the day, and you have the perfect combination of good food, good company, and a good night!

at the Mexican Cafe!

And that was my much awaited graduation day! 😀


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