All over the place…in a good way.

So hectic! Everything is so hectic lately. I have to finish all my application forms for postgrad next year, and start preparing for my trip to India in December!

Also, I lost my job- yep, my first ever job here in Auckland. It was a good job, I learned a lot. Of course I’m sad that we abruptly had to shut down the office… come to think of it, I had tried applying for a call centre too, and even before I had the chance to begin actual work, the company also announced that they had to shut it down because of lack of funds (am I lucky or what?). I got to work 5 shifts there though. I still earned some money…but I realized it’s probably not the type of job I’d be sticking around for anyway. So two jobs gone in a span of 1 month.

But right after it was announced that the Consulate was no longer operating, I had an email from one of the university professors offering me another job! That completely balanced out the unlucky streak that I had with employment. It’s nothing big, mostly just data management and back-up…but it is still a “foot in the door!”, as the prof said. I now work with the Memory Lab, and they basically deal with Neuropsychology… you know, brain stuff, MRI’s, fMRI’s, memory, future thinking, etc. etc. etc.


I have also been volunteering for the Early Learning Lab (ELLa) at the University of Auckland, and this lab deals with babies! Cute, cute babies, i.e. Developmental Psychology. Yesterday, I went to help recruit more participants at the Baby Show. It was challenging at first, but afterwards, we were all pumped up, feeling like undercover agents ready to pounce on unsuspecting mothers (“HI THERE! We were just recruiting for our research, and we were wondering if you’d like to help us find out more about babies!!!”)… in the friendliest way possible, of course.  It was tiring too, having to stand up for 5 hours or so, but we had a good time, and we felt very accomplished afterwards!

Our ELLa stall!

The awesome team for the day!

The best part about having volunteered with ELLa the whole year? I got awarded a research scholarship, which means I get to work with them during the summer! It’s kind of like a level-up, because I’d still be doing my regular volunteer duties (like calling, and picking up the parents and kids), but this time, I get to run the actual studies too!

Whew. I’ve been job-hunting for 4 to 5 months, going through interviews and rejections…doing it all again, and hoping for the best… well, I’m glad I can say that everything seems to have worked out! Who knows, my place might really be in research labs!


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