Thanks, 2012!

2012 was a big year for me. For one, it was the year I finally graduated from university- the University of Auckland, to be exact, with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology.


But turns out that Psychology is a long road, and I’ve only just finished part of it with my undergraduate degree. Nevertheless, I’m very thankful that it’s a course that I’m truly passionate about because simply being a Psychology undergrad won’t get you far in the clinical world. I’ve had some experience with this, job-wise. You see, after I graduated, I tried looking for work related to my course… there was none. So I settled for the general stuff, like receptionist, or maybe even working for a charity. I made it to a lot of interviews, I got accepted in some that I didn’t really like, so I didn’t even bother with it to begin with, and I got my first experience working in a call-center.

I didn’t like working in a call-center.

I also lost my first ever job working in the Philippine Consulate. It’s been a very good and educating 3 years, and I will always look up to my boss. I learned a lot from her, and I’m very glad that I’ve gained a friend who is more than willing to check in on my family every now and then to make sure that we’re doing just fine.

It was frustrating, having to edit and re-edit my CV again and again, and have no good results. Luckily, a research assistant position opened up in a Neuro-Psychology lab in university, and I was offered the role. At the same time, I applied for a summer scholarship to work for a Child Development lab, and got offered that one too! It came just in time as well, as I had to save up money for our big trip to India.

Probably the best news I’ve received this year, is that I have been offered a place in the Masters of Health Psychology program for 2013… I’m proud to say that it is a competitive program, and I will be one of the 12 or so students who’ll be taking it up next year! Oh yeah! 🙂

Needless to say, I’m probably going to lose my social life next year…but oh well… we’ll see how that goes!

Apart from the progress in the long road of my career, 2012 also saw to it that I got bitten by the travel bug. Although I haven’t been travelling as much as my friends back home who already hold full time jobs, I’m very thankful I got to have my bit of exploring and gallivanting.

At the start of the year, I flew to Wellington with two good friends in order to visit my boyfriend (who at the time, was there, along with our other friend for work).



My barkada also had two major road trips this year, one in the far far north- Kaitaia- for the summer, where we had the awesome day tours around the island. We visited Cape Reinga and had the chance to go sand surfing! I’m sure you remember how I’ve said that I really, really love the sand dunes?



Our second major road trip was during the winter season. We got to explore the cave where they apparently recorded one of the songs in The Hobbit, and also the glow worms in Waitomo! We went skiing and snow boarding in Mt. Ruapehu too. It was my first time snow-boarding, and my butt really hurt the next day. I totally loved the view of the snow and the mountains from where we  stood though.


My boyfriend and I turned 2 years old too, and to celebrate, we arranged a hiking trip in Rangitoto Island! It was tiring, but the view from up the mountain was beautiful.


And you all know that I’ve been to India last December! I can honestly say that I wish we spent more time there (we had 10 days in total), and I might even consider going back! We went there because the sister of my boyfriend got married! It was a traditional Indian wedding, and we all dressed up for it! More on my trip to India later on! I also got to visit my high school friend in Singapore as well, so it was a very good trip indeed!


Finally, I’ve been to six concerts with my boyfriend last year: Incubus, Parokya ni Edgar, Six 60, Kaiser Chiefs, Mumford and Sons and Coldplay!!! I love concerts! I think I’ve enjoyed Six60 the most, but hands down, the best concert was Coldplay’s… I just wish I could have been a little taller! Haha! This year though, we’re bound to watch more, and I can’t wait! We missed Ed Sheeran last year, but he’s coming back this year!!!


So thanks, 2012! You’ve been good to me. My family is still as crazy as ever, and I’m very thankful for that… I’m excited to see the year through with my friends and barkada, as we continue working towards our dreams and goals…while still being able to throw great parties… I’m excited for all the new opportunities and experiences that will come with Masters.. and I look forward to being able to see more of the world, one step at a time!

And as always, the best parts are saved for last. I thank God for that special person who stuck with me through the ups and downs of 2012. I pray that our relationship flourishes more this year. I’m thankful we got to experience India together, and I’m hoping that we’d conquer the world too, hand in hand! If you’re reading this, thank you, Bub! I love you, very much! 🙂


To my readers, I’m happy I get to share bits and pieces of my life with you! It’s like having pen-pals all over the world! I wish you a very Happy 2013 ahead! Conquer those challenges! I know you can! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thanks, 2012!

  1. Congratulations on getting your degree. I have had mine for eight years and have never used it. I only just found about graduate programmes, can you believe! I might try get myself into one of those if it’s not too late. I wonder how long a degree lasts before it becomes… stale. Well, best of luck! Psychology is very interesting -if you can stand the stats! lol. xo

    • Hello there Strawberryquicksand! 🙂 So did you do Psychology too? And yeah, you should definitely take up graduate study! Where I live, you can’t get a decent job with Psychology if you don’t do the postgrad programs, I guess I’m lucky enough that I like what I’m studying! Haha, and yeah, Stats is a challenge that I’m definitely willing to take up! Thanks so much for dropping by!! 🙂

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