Random Word of the Week: Luggage

So I’m going to try something new here. I miss writing, and even if I had the tiniest amount of time available, I don’t seem to know what to write about. I mean, my life really isn’t exciting right now (it’s a bit stressful!)… but that’s okay, I think I’m managing. No, I am managing.

Anyway, because there is currently nothing fun to write about, I’m going to try my hand again on short stories. If you didn’t know, I used to love writing fiction when I was a kid, I wrote on used notebooks, random scrap papers, etc. Back then, I didn’t care who read it, so my imagination basically ran free. So I’m going to do just that. Let my imagination run free.

Hope you like it!


It was black and torn, missing a couple of screws, and a wheel.

But it didn’t matter to her because it was her first time away from home. Little Libby Cooper was with her Mama, Denise, who after having her heart broken, swore that no other man is needed to complete their little family.

Libby didn’t understand why they had to leave their small apartment. It was nothing fancy, but it was spacious enough for her to have her afternoon adventures every now and then. All she remembered of that day was that a man of medium height and fair skin came in their home. She immediately noticed how her Mama’s attitude had changed from being the warm and kind Fairy Queen, to the expressionless and detached Ice Queen. Weren’t they supposed to defeat the Ice Queen?

Denise then gave her some change to go and buy ice cream and Libby was delighted. As she walked out of the door, the man looked at her with eyes as blue as her own. It reflected some kind of sadness, and Libby didn’t see why the man should be so sad on a fine day. He gave her a small smile, and she waved in reply.

When she came back though, all her favorite toys had gone in small boxes, all her clothes were emptied from the shelves, and there, in the middle of all the chaos stood the black and battered luggage. The mysterious man was gone.

“Mama, where are we going?” Libby asked as her mom put on her coat.

“We’re going to find a better castle for the Fairy Queen, my love.”

 “Are we going back home?”

“We’ll build a new home darling, now hush now or we’re going to miss our train.”

As little Libby struggled to follow her Mama, she feared that she might lose her in the rush of all the people. She kept her eyes trained on the luggage that quite stood out from the rest because it wasn’t new or shiny like all the others. As they made their way to the ticket booth, Libby noticed a small faded tag hanging by the handle.

She was only starting to read and so she thought it a good challenge to see what was written. Her Mama, busy with purchasing the tickets, didn’t notice her daughter as she intently mouthed the writings on the tag:

If lost, return to: 

Christian and Denise Cooper  


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