Postponed…but look, Food!

Hey readers, not sure if you’ve seen the empty post yesterday, but WordPress was being all weird and decided to delete the content! Oh well, here I am again because I feel extremely guilty for not sticking to my once-a-week-fiction-writing. I may not have the time to do a weekly, but I’ll keep writing!

I’m just a bit busy at the moment because it’s my last week working as an intern in the child cognitive development lab I was telling you about. As much as I am sad to be leaving the wonderful team that I’ve been a part of for the past year, I’m also looking forward (and am quite excited) to be starting my Masters in Health Psychology! It’s going to be a whole new (world?) challenge!

Anyway, I just thought I’d make a quick post on the things I’ve been eating the past couple of weeks. Miracuroulsy, thanks to the gym sessions, I haven’t gained that much weight…yet. But oh yummy food, how can I ever say no?

To start off, here are some fresh strawberries. I love fresh strawberries, and they are especially abundant during New Zealand summers!


They go very well with pancakes and mascarpone! I had this when my boyfriend treated me out to breakfast in Takapuna Beach Cafe. Good start to the day!


Speaking of pancakes, here are chicken and cheese Korean pancakes that Maddy (my friend from the lab) and I had over lunch for International Pancake week. We had to have some green tea to wash it all down afterwards! But cheese is good, I love cheese, especially when it’s melted!


Here’s the lunch I had during our team bbq. It was the first time I had tried burger patties with chillies in it…it was delicious! And the salads were amazing, I never knew candied walnuts went so well with them! And of course, cold beer to wash them all off!


I used to have an aversion to spicy foods, but coming to Auckland, I realized how much tastier they actually are! Here’s a photo of my friends and I having a Malaysian dinner on a Friday night. We had home-made roti, beef rendang, curry chicken noodles, fried rice, and teh tarik or Malaysian tea.


One Sunday evening, my parents decided to finally try out The White Lady, a fast food burger caravan parked in Commerce Street selling damn good burgers. I had their special, the White Lady burger, and ended up having the biggest burger of them all! It had everything- steak, beef patty, bacon, fried egg, pineapple, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions… it was heaven… but it was too big so my boyfriend had to finish it off!


Whie we are on the topic of ridiculously huge amounts of meats, I just had a dinner in a Korean bbq restaurant recently for the birthday of my boyfriend’s sister. I think we overdid the meats. Sadly the restaurant didn’t have much veggies, but I promise you we had some! At least they served sliced apples and oranges, that helped cleanse the pallette after all that protein! Again, I just had to have some green tea after this big meal!


And if all those foods weren’t enough to get your mouth watering, how about some festive mexican feast? My labmates and I headed over to the Mexican cafe to celebrate Maddy’s birthday. We had nachos, salads, chimichangas and flautas. Add to that some sweet fruit margarita jugs and we were all set! I can’t wait for the next Mexican night!


So that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed all the yummy-food photos! 🙂


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