Officially Sold My Soul to Grad School.

The Guide

Yes. Come Monday morning, I will be back in the University doing the studying all over again. Actually, I’m meant to be doing this report for my recently completed summer internship, but here I am blogging! I don’t know, it just helps me feel like I had the chance to clear up my thoughts, you know, the less clutter, the better.

Sometimes I wish I just went on and found a job after I graduated. Life would be simpler. But then, I believe I’ll miss the thrill of climbing new heights. And I’m very excited for all the opportunities that this will open up for me. My greatest dream at the moment is to be able to attend all kinds of psychological conferences all over the world! … and to be known for my work, of course. We’ll see if that happens! Being able to travel and to work, and to love that work that I do will be one of my greatest accomplishments! Fingers crossed!

They said we’ll be having around 12-ish readings per week. Crazy journal article readings. I’m worried because I’m the last minute type of girl (or the procrastinator…like what I’m doing now), but I should be fine. I will be fine. Stay tuned for guaranteed Masters craziness.

The past week has been my week off. As I’ve said, I finished interning for the Early Learning Lab, and thankfully, I had the time to rearrange some stuff in my room. I still have loads of stuff, accumulated from years and years of sentiments and memories. Sometimes I worry about the day when my boyfriend and I get our own place… if my junk consists of notebooks, both used and new, jewelries, photos, old tickets, albums, textbooks, notes and handouts, odd figurines etc. etc., his room is filled with all the tech-y stuff you could imagine- wires, cables, heavy metal silver boxes thingies, screws, tools, keyboards, and other computer parts (that he says he’ll need in the future), chargers, etc. etc.

Yep, it will be very interesting how we’ll manage our junk together! But that’s a fair amount of time from now.

I was also able to spend time with my friends last week- friends from the lab, my usual barkada, and a long time friend who I haven’t seen in ages. If there was one thing that I realized, it’s that talking to people is wonderful. There’s just so many things that you can learn, so many things that can inspire you. I’m happy I’ve got such a huge variety of friends who’ve been all over the world already! Hearing about where they’ve been, what they’ve seen, and where they plan to go next is very inspiring for me. It always leaves my mind buzzing with new possibilities and I love that feeling.

Well, there’s more new people to meet next week. More new challenges to conquer! Until next time blog friends! Wish me luck! 🙂


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