Postgrad woes… and just 4 days in!

I come back with tales from postgrad.

Alright, alright, so it’s only the first week, you say. How bad could that be? Not so bad actually, it’s just the whole getting used to everything again. And, can I just mention that the number of students seem to be growing exponentially every year! Today, 3 buses passed us at the bus stop because they were already full of students. 3 buses. That is never a good start to a morning. Add to the fact that I seem to be embodying the perfect stereotype of the so called ‘Filipino time’…

I am still quite mortified about that whole morning fiasco.  *shudders*

I have to remind myself even as I’m typing to take deep breaths because I feel so much anxiety just by thinking about all the workload that we have to do. Yesterday I had no classes, but I spent the whole day cooped up in my room doing the readings. It took around 9 hours… not bad, I guess, considering that I was able to take notes while reading. And I finished my scholarship report. Not bad at all for a start. Hopefully I’d be able to maintain it. And with less aches too, because when I woke up this morning, my neck was (and still is) pretty sore from yesterday (who knew you could get that from reading??).

I guess I’m also pretty anxious because I’m trying to develop a system for myself and my studies. I take notes using my tablet. Sometimes I do the readings there, sometimes I print them out. I’ve always been a paper and pen kind of girl, but I got to try out my android tablet for note-taking last semester, and it wasn’t too bad. In fact, I was able to get more out of the lectures, plus record it at the same time. The problem came when it was exam time. Turns out I still preferred reading papers rather than reading my screen when it came to reviewing. So I figured I’d take notes on my tablet, then print them out after lectures.

And then my whole conscience turns on me and says, “YOU ARE WASTING SO MUCH PAPER!, to which I reply, “I’ll recycle them all next year, I promise!”

Furthermore, to add to the ‘to print or not to print’ problem was this: my hole puncher at home was punching holes that were too close to each either i.e. it did not fit into the clasps of the folders I had bought.

This was, of course, a gigantic source of stress. I had bought four new folders, dammit!

I didn’t even know Philippine hole punchers had a different size to the New Zealand ones. Why do they do this? I thought hole punchers were supposed to be universal! The first night I tried organizing my printed paperwork, I resorted to manually estimating the distances of the holes on my papers then cutting them out with scissors. This didn’t go on very well.

Luckily (and fortunately for my sanity), I have bought a new one today. And it follows New Zealand standards.

Say hello to my new, sleek and shiny, black hole puncher.

the NZ hole-puncher

the NZ hole-puncher

I can proudly say that all my paper-work are punched and organized now.

I know first weeks are usually a pain because you have to find where your classes are, you have to renew ID cards, buy books, supplies, etc. I just hope I’d soon fall in to the rhythm of things soon! More stories from the underworld my wonderful classes next time!


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