Weddings make me a bit iffy.

I like the idea of weddings, you know, being a hopeless romantic and all. Recently though, it seems like everybody around me is taking the next big step. There hasn’t been anybody from my immediate, close circle of friends who has proclaimed that they were getting married just yet. But there are like, 2-degree friends (haha, for lack of a better term) i.e. work mates, good acquaintances, and people from uni who I know are getting married. Today, I found out that two friends just got engaged. One I found out from Facebook, and another I found out because she told us during our afternoon meeting. And it isn’t even evening yet!

It’s not like I haven’t played around with the idea of marrying my boyfriend either. We have talked about it. But I guess finding out from other people who are actually going to do it already (I sound like a kid) makes the idea scarier and more intimidating. This afternoon, my friend from the meeting was talking about engagement photoshoots and mortgages!

Mortgages! How old are we?!

And again, it’s not like I haven’t been talking houses and mortgages with my boyfriend, but I guess you won’t really realize how big it is until you’re actually there!

I don’t know if I’ll ever grow up to make the right grown-up decisions. I guess I’ll find out. My mom always told me that she didn’t really know what she was doing either. She just handled it one step at a time and learned along the way.

Now back to the present. I’ll do it one step at a time too.

And the next step, is unfortunately my assignment due next week.



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