Finally ventured out of the house after 3 days.


So today, I had my first exam for the Health Psychology program. So far, I’m in love with the course, albeit the challenging and tricky assignments and lectures that we had. Sometimes it is hard being in a class where everyone is smart and hard-working. Honestly,  I felt a little bit like an imposter who somehow sneaked her way in to the program at first. But then Nathan (the program director and one of our lecturers) has assured us time and again that we were all meant to be in it, and that they carefully chose the students who were going to fill the 13 places. I guess this time around, it feels really great… as in really, really, great, when you get a good mark for an assignment, because this time, you’d thought and worked harder on it. I had to get a bit used to the fact that I wasn’t going to get the good grades that I always expect of myself, because… well, because this is the real thing, yo. As Nathan said, critical thinking becomes a necessity, and you can no longer bullsh*t your way around an essay (like what he says we did in undergrad… imagine, all throughout undergrad I thought my writing was fine…and then suddenly, I learn that I had to make major changes!). Fair enough, the program is specialized, and I do take pride in being a part of it.

First exam done, three more to go, and I don’t feel like studying tonight. Or during the weekend. But I can’t give up the whole weekend, so maybe I will just give up tonight. Gah. I feel so lazy. I am just hoping that my grades will turn out well enough to at least benefit me in some way in the future…

The main question here though is still “What will I do after my Masters? Do I try to get into the clinical program? Or do I go for a PhD?” Actually, after our 2-year Masters program, I am hoping to go to London and experience living there for a maximum of 2 years. Then while I’m there, I can travel to other places in Europe because I heard its cheaper to travel from London (any thoughts on this?). I may or may not get a Psychology-related job. I may or may not be harming my career, because technically I’ll be stopping for two years to travel. I told my mom I didn’t want to focus the rest of my twenties solely on developing my career (although investing on your career during your twenties is not really a bad thing), and that if I went straight on studying for another 1-3 years, I might go crazy. I think I’ll need a break. But I still have a year and a half to decide, so you’ll know by then. It would be really exciting though to experience living in London *cue daydreaming*.

And I guess that’s all from me for now. Did you see those lovely trees in my photos? One was taken in the University of Auckland’s Medical school, and the other was taken from down town (while I was waiting in the bus stop). Winter is coming, and leaves are turning bright red, orange, and yellow. It was good to get out of the house, I’m being too much of a cave woman in my own room! Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Finally ventured out of the house after 3 days.

  1. Good luck Pin! See you after your exams 🙂 I also don’t feel like working on my assignments tonight I’m like always tired haha. But I’m probably not working as hard as you.

  2. naaaah. i’m sure it’s super energy-draining (but rewarding!) to be with kiddies the whole day! haha, i can’t imagine doing that 😉 but yeah, super looking forward to the end of exams!! let’s spend the day outdoors! haha 😀

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