I’m not allowed to drink coffee.

…to have sweets, or to indulge myself in any kind of alcohol until I get better.

Which sucks! I never thought how much I’d actually miss having a cup of coffee in any one day. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself! And to make matters worse, it was my dad’s birthday this week which means that my brother had baked lots of goodies (which goes really well with coffee). *sad* But hopefully, I’ll get better soon!

Also, after this weekend, it’s back to uni! Hello second semester! Please be nice to me! I’m a bit excited for the research project that I’ll be handling. It has something to do with a health care robot in the form of a baby seal (if you want to look it up, the researchers call him Paro). Hopefully that goes well! I never thought I’d be involved with a robot (I guess I have a little bit of aversion to using robots), but I guess if it helps us, then why not? *cue in the invasion of the robots!*

Last night my friends and I discovered that there was actually a carnival in Aotea Square. That, I didn’t know. I knew about the ice skating rink (it’s a bit small), but there was a merry-go-round too! It almost looked magical 🙂

And that’s all from me at the moment. Scattered thoughts because of lack of caffeine. On the flip-side, I was able to organize my closet and my study area during the break! There were a lot more things that I wish I could have done but I guess that will have to do for now!

Mini-carnival in the city!

Mini-carnival in the city!


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