In Response to this week’s Daily Post Challenge: Dialogue

Hey there readers!

So you might know already that every now and then, I like to try writing out a little fiction. Well, this week, I’ve decided to participate in The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge. Their theme for the week is Dialogue, and if you want to check them out, just click the link!

I had the inspiration for this short story when I saw this photo on my Facebook news-feed. Hope you like it! 🙂


“Please, stop crying,” I heard myself whisper breathlessly into the empty room. The sun was beginning to set, and outside, the sky took on a beautiful pink and lavender shade. Inside though, all alone, I felt like I was in the depths of dark gray and nothingness.

“You tried your best… you tried your best,” I said shakily, rocking myself backwards and forwards against the cold wall. The phone rang, once, twice, three times, until it went to the answering machine.

“Rachel,” I heard my best friend’s voice. “This is the fifth time I tried to call, why aren’t you picking up?”


“I’m not hanging up, I know you’re in there. I don’t care how long I’ll have to babble on the line…well, I guess as long as your machine would allow me, but whatever. Look, you need to get yourself together.”

“I’m trying,” I say into my crossed arms.

“I’m going to try to say this in the most un-cheesy and un-movie-like way that I could. He was a jerk. A friggin’ jerk. We know that already. But don’t let him get the best of you,”

“Too late,” I answer, without her hearing. “He already had.”

“Just please, Rach, I know this is going to be a tough time. He’s not the only one you can count on, we’re here. I’m here. You know that, right?”

I nod, tears slowly sliding down my cheeks. Suddenly, the room doesn’t feel too empty anymore, as the last orange glows of the setting sun cast out a soft light around my little living area.

“It’s going to be great, even. Think of all the fun shopping that we could do with your little girl… or if it’s a little boy, then we could all teach him to be the best gentleman there is!”

My hand automatically touches my belly. It stays there. Two months into this journey, and already, I feel super protective of this little being.

“You’ll be alright. We love you. Really, you don’t need to go through this alone.”

I sniff. It took a while to stand up as my legs have been cramped for hours. I slowly walk towards the phone, noticing the small smile that was already forming in my face.

“So where do you want to meet me for dinner then?” I say into the phone.



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