The Waiting Game… and what happened after!!!

I am currently standing at one of the crossroads…


Okay, hello dear readers! Let’s start that again. You see,  I was about to write a reflective post about how I am standing at the crossroads of my life, because today, I have been waiting for forever for the results of our interview for the Health Psychology Internship program for 2015. Coincidentally though, as I was typing out my first sentence at roughly 4 in the afternoon, my phone beeped and notified me of a new email message. I thought to myself, could this be it?

And it was. The message of the day. The reason why my tummy was in such a state. I have been checking the mailbox all day and refreshing my email, waiting for that letter. I even wanted to chase down the mail man this morning because he did not deliver any letters to our letter box. I had no idea what form the message would take, printed letter or email? It turned out to be in email form, because when I checked my account, there was definitely an email from the University.  And the first thing I read on the preview?


The day's much awaited message!

The day’s much awaited message!


I’m in cloud-9. My heart is still ventilating and I feel like puking. Oh. my. gosh. Positions in the internship program are limited and much sought after, which is why I still can’t believe it! I had to pinch my self several times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming (because funnily enough, my dream the previous evening was about receiving an acceptance letter! Haha!)

I’m now one step closer to becoming a “real” registered Health Psychologist!!! *happy dance*


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