My 2013 in a Wrap!

Before 2012 ended, my Mom had my brothers and I write up some goals that we had for 2013, and then post them up around our rooms so that we get to attract the good vibes that will supposedly help us towards our goal. My brothers and parents put up 3-4 pieces of papers around their rooms, but they all laughed at me when they found out that I had 7 pieces of paper in total posted on my walls (they said I was competitive, haha!). Anyway, as the year passed through, I decided not to throw those pieces of paper, and post them at the back of my door instead so I’d still see it all the time. These were what I’ve written at around this time last year:


I was able to accomplish most of them, actually. I fortunately had good enough grades to get into the coveted Health Psychology internship program (and mom said that it’s as good as receiving a scholarship, because I wasn’t able to get any this year), I finally got my restricted license after 2 tries, I had good part time jobs through out the year- I was a note-taker and I got to attend several interesting undergraduate classes without having to do the tests and assignments, I got to be a note-taker for an executive of a good company, and right now, I’m doing data-entry for a ferry company! I sometimes woke up early (still need to improve a lot on that), but it was actually my boyfriend who wrote that note down, so it doesn’t count… kidding, of course it does! Thankfully, I wasn’t late for anything crucial!

Also, while we were tight on budget this year, I’m glad I got to visit a few great places around New Zealand, namely Queenstown, Waiheke, and recently, Rotorua and Taupo (photos later on!). I guess that’s the way to go, isn’t it? There’s always a new place to be explored! Although I’m really looking forward to next year because when we get our NZ citizenship, it will be easier to visit other countries, like Australia!

And finally, I did get love, times three! I love everyone. I love my crazy family, I love my friends from all over the world, and I love my super loyal, super sweet, super awesome boyfriend! I probably didn’t need to put that particular one up there because I’ve had it all along!

So that’s 2013 in a wrap! We’ve been sleepless since the 24th of December, and we’ve just arrived from our 3-day roadtrip to Rotorua, and in a few minutes, we’ll be off to see the fireworks! Whew! I thought I was going to have a quiet holiday-season, but turns out we did waaaaay more than I expected. And I’m not complaining! These are fun times, and I’m in love!

IMG_0474Happy New Year everyone! See you next year šŸ˜‰


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