Thesis Diaries Day 1.5

Hello from Gore! It’s a small town in the South island of New Zealand, right in the middle of the bigger cities, Invercargill and Dunedin.

I just wanted to commemorate the actual start of my thesis year, before I fall asleep (that’s why it’s Day 1.5… we left yesterday, Jan. 23, and it’s actually 12:51 am now, Jan. 24). We had a  2 hour flight, flying from Auckland, to Wellington, and then landing in Dunedin. From Dunedin, we drove further down for another 2 hours. I wanted to show you on the map, but I’m only on my mobile data, so maybe tomorrow night!

I’m really so thankful for this opportunity. I mean, I didn’t really imagine that I’d get to travel while doing my thesis. New Zealand is still very much an unexplored territory for me, and so even if everyone back in Auckland said Gore was quite boring (haha), it’s still a new place, and I’m open for anything!

I’m traveling and doing research… and everything is paid for! My nerdy self can’t get any happier than this! This is truly a major milestone for me and my career!

Alright, gotta go. Meeting my supervisors at 8am tomorrow,  and then we’re meeting the hospital staff at 9.

Wooh! I’m actually doing serious research! Hope I do well!

Until the next post! 🙂


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