Thesis Diaries Day 15

Hello there!

I am back in Auckland, from the lovely little town of Gore in the South Islands. Contrary to everyone’s negative reactions when I tell them that I am assigned to go down to Gore, I actually found it very relaxing and interesting. Maybe it’s because I’m not actually there for a vacation, which means it’s more of living in the day to day grind, rather than finding touristy things to do (although I did do a lot of touristy things while I was there. That will be covered in a separate post!). Most days, I was collecting data in the hospital, and there you would realize that it really is a small town. Everyone knew almost everybody else! And getting to know the hospital staff was nice too… people are interesting! And they take lots of tea breaks, which is awesome.

This first trip was special because it was actually my first, real experience of living on my own. Like most Asian kids, at 24, I still live with my parents. It was only recently that I’ve picked up on the more adult-stuff like driving around doing the groceries and all. I guess getting to live on my own, even for just a week every month, was a huge incentive for me when my supervisor first offered me this project. It’s true what they say, that you get to learn more about yourself when you are all by yourself! Luckily, I have a good relationship with myself and so I wasn’t bored at all. And I was busy doing all the data-collection during the day, and then going home to cook dinner, clean up, and work some more during the night so I really felt that the time flew by really fast. Cooking for myself was quite the adventure. I actually bought an excessive amount of food from the grocery, thinking that I would be able to finish them all during the week! Lesson learned, I do not eat that much. Haha.

Oh, and the TV became my best friend. I never knew there were so many interesting TV series out there. I mean, The Bachelor, Australia? Hello. And let’s not forget Dating in the Dark. Hihi.


Gore- World capital of Brown Trout Fishing! Oh Joy (?)

My first week of data collection went well, and it felt so good to actually hold pieces of paper containing solid data- Numbers, notes and observations. My baby now has a skeleton. I actually have a time frame for writing chapters now, so I should get started with that really soon! The fun part about my study (still can’t get over that phrase which I can officially use now- “my study”…oh no, I’m going to be one of those boring people who’d drone on and on about their thesis!) is that it’s both qualitative and quantitative. On some days I get to be quiet and just observe and time things, and on other days I get to do full in depth interviews with interesting people (mostly elderly citizens). I’ve written down on Facebook that the best part about interviewing elderly people is that you hear such amazing stories from a totally different era, and at the same time you get fed all sorts of baked goods… and cherries! Even though I felt so drained at the end of the day (talking is tiring!), I still enjoyed it.

Anyway, I will be back in Gore in a week! It’s like living two different lives! Thankfully the weather wasn’t that bad while I was there, and I’m hoping for a lot of sun again next time! And this time, I think I’ll just eat out instead of cooking… it’s not that fun cooking, when you’re all alone! Oh well. Hopefully my friends will be able to visit me during one of my stays there!

Look out for my next post on Gore, Invercargill and Bluff!

Until next time! 🙂


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