Thesis Diaries Day 34

I’ve written, like, 574 words (2 pages, double spaced) for my first chapter intro. Yep. I still can’t imagine how I’m going to end up with a whole book by the end of the year… but I know it will happen.

Next week will be the official start of the academic year. I’m happy I already got to do some baseline data collection, and that I’m set for my next trip down to Gore. Things are moving slowly, but surely. Fingers are still crossed for the procedures to work. I’m meeting with the robot people tomorrow to sort out the experimental condition.

We are all settled in our desks now (we are yet to have our big desk warming party, but the Minions have already invaded the Masters’ room!), and I’m slowly trying to adjust my work and uni schedule. So far, I have a lot to improve on with the whole scheduling thing, but again, I’ll make it work!

Here’s to the new academic year! May I survive thesis and pre-internship year with flying colors!

c/o the Facebook page of Word Porn


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