Get Lost and Wander

During my second trip to Gore, my boyfriend was able to visit me over the weekend. Here are some photos from the Sunday that he was there. We didn’t have any particular plans, and so we just decided to drive down the back roads between Gore and Invercargill. Turns out we were exploring the farm lands, and it was very beautiful! The pictures don’t do justice to the actual scenery, but I’m glad to keep them anyway. We basically had lost our GPS signal, and were at the mercy of the winding paths, following the rise and fall, the curves of the hills. It was breathtaking. I love rural New Zealand!



Follow the roads


in the middle of (beautiful) nowhere

in the middle of (beautiful) nowhere


At one point, we pulled over the road because we were so amused by the cows! It’s not everyday I get to see them up close! It was funny because we noticed that every time we’d drive past them, they’d stop what they were doing (stop munching their grass, for example), look up, and stare intently at us, following our car until we drove completely past! It was a bit freaky/weird to see cows concentrate that hard!

After we took the photo below, we saw a big, brown cow from the back of the herd, walking slowly at first, and then sort of galloping towards the gate… it was followed by several other cows who were starting to pick up the pace as well. My boyfriend actually worried that they’d jump the fence, and so we hastily returned to our cars, laughing!


'Humans, don't leave!'

‘Humans, don’t leave!’


We got a bit lost chasing the sunset. We wanted to look for a nice, high look out point, but we mistakenly ended up in private property. We knocked on one of the houses to ask for directions, and luckily, they were nice enough to give us directions (it wasn’t strange at all to have two lost Asians knocking at your door!).

Anyway, it was amazing, and I just wanted to share it with you. I can definitely say that getting lost can be good for your relationship. This particular visit is definitely one to remember!




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