Thesis Diaries Day 231: Something better than a significant other is a significant result!

Well, at least for now.

If you have any kind of statistical background, you will know that when a result is significant, then it is reason enough for celebration.

I did not expect to experience that much anxious anticipation while waiting for SPSS to load my results. It was total suspense! I couldn’t look at the p-value right away, I literally had to brace myself! And the joy you’d experience after seeing a p-value less than .05… it’s magic! Especially after you’ve been doing a number of analyses with insignificant results…and then suddenly, you run the last one, and voila! It’s significant!

And at the moment, my results are significant where it matters the most!. But again, that is just a for now, because like any good researcher, my supervisor and I are still doing additional analyses to make sure that we’ve covered everything.

For now, I will just savor the feeling of p < .05.

This is especially relevant to me because we really did not expect to get any significant results from my study. It has never been done before and it was mostly exploratory. You would know about that time when all the robots were on strike as well, it caused me a major meltdown, and it also made me doubt myself and my thesis. I wanted to be able to contribute something special, and unfortunately, I thought that being quantitative and getting a good result was the only way to go. I had to be convinced that I was still bringing something new to the table with all the qualitative data that I have. I guess deep down, I believe that I have gathered rich information that will greatly benefit the field of robotics, but doing it qualitatively is also so daunting and I'm not that confident about my abilities to carry out good qualitative work.

But I will definitely try my hardest to make it work. I am obliged to weave all the stories that I've collected into a rich, colorful, and in-depth perspective, if only for my lovely participants.

So that's my update so far. I'm just analyzing results and getting started on coding my field notes and interviews… LESS THAN 3 MONTHS TO GO BEFORE THE DEADLINE and I'm just SLIGHTLY FREAKING OUT.

Hoping that my p's remain significant!


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