Thesis Diaries Day 285: hElP.

I want cake and coffee. For some reason, I can imagine my neural pathways lighting up and going crazy when they hear or see the words “cake” and/or “coffee”. I can imagine a little neuron party going on, with each of them being overly excited at the prospect of sitting down in a nice little cafe with ‘cake’ and ‘coffee’.

I think the word ‘cafe’ lights up my neurons as well. Oh neurons.

gimme some of that!

gimme some of that!

I must have associated those words with pleasant experiences. Or productivity (hm, maybe only “coffee” would apply to that). But I want some now because I am feeling quite low…I realized my tongue often digs my own grave. Sometimes I really just need to think about what I say before I say it… it’s so hard when English is not your dominant language sometimes. I mean, I’m perfectly capable of writing and speaking proper English, it’s just that sometimes, my mind defaults to Tagalog and I need a second or two to translate my ideas. There’s a bi-lingual brain for ya.

But it’s the final push, and as much as I want to finish, sometimes I also feel like I just want to stay under my blankets and hibernate.

Or move to another country and create a whole new identity. Now that’s an idea.

This year has definitely been one crazy year.

6,300 words in so far with Discussion. Words are coming out, but not fast enough! Must…keep…writing! -.-




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