A Bow to 2014.

It may be a more than a week into the New Year, 2015, but as always, I like to keep to my traditional yearly review and recap. Here’s a photo I made for my Instagram account, which pretty much sums up my year in a square:



2014 was a challenging year for me. I got my very first taste of living on my own, thanks to an opportunity presented to me in the form of my Master’s thesis. As you may already know (because I had widely blogged about my thesis experience), I was sent to Gore, which is a rural town in New Zealand’s South Island. Gore is a very beautiful, and quiet little town, but I was mostly met with surprise and bewilderment whenever I tell my Auckland friends that Gore is where my project’s at. “Gore?” they’d say, “Why Gore?”. Well, look up my thesis if you’re interested. I just want to say that I had the best and sweetest participants known to thesis-doers. Who else had participants offer them pumpkin soup or a pair of dry socks in the middle of winter?

My thesis taught me many things. First, I am a last-minute crammer. Second, I whine a lot. But at at least, and thirdly, I get things done. There is more to be said about improving my self, but I guess that’s what new years are for!

I am also glad that I was able to go back home to the Philippines to visit my friends and family, and also my partner’s friends and family. Coron, Palawan is a very beautiful island with green-blue waters and beautiful underwater scenery, it will simply take your breath away! (If you want to read more about my trip to Coron, click here). Apart from going home, 2014 travels included exploring much of New Zealand’s South Island. My thesis gave me the opportunity to see Dunedin, Invercargill, and Bluff as well!

This year, I am moving one step up my chosen career ladder, and I am hoping that I will be able to cope with the changes. And I am also hoping that I stay in love with my chosen field. Hay. And I know that while this year may be a financially challenged year, I hope that opportunities to travel would still arise!

So bring it on 2015! I will make sure I have a square that’s as interesting, or even better than last year’s!


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