Life-date: October already?!

Here’s an update:

  1. From now on, I will answer to Master. Haha. I graduated from my Master’s degree in Health Psychology (which comprised of one year of papers and one year of thesis) last Tuesday. To be honest, I was not as excited as I was when I graduated from Undergrad. Probably because I am in the midst of my third and final year of postgrad, which is the internship year. Nevertheless, it was a good day (though you can see the stress on my face… I got an urgent call from work on that day regarding a complex patient of mine while we were having our french crepes during my celebratory family lunch). It was fun graduating with my classmates (there were 9 of us in our year), and it was good to celebrate with family and friends.


2. Louis and I turned 5 this year, and we went to Queenstown (which we’ve formally proclaimed one of our favorite cities) to celebrate. I swear, everywhere we looked, it was like a painting- actually, it is probably what the best paintings hope to be! We went in August and stayed for a few days. My favorite part was going on a roadtrip to this little town called Glenorchy (which I’ve heard was also used in the Lord of the Rings franchise. It was a really magical place). We were supposed to go bungy-jumping, but I chickened out. Sorry Louis, you should have just booked without my consent! Haha.


3. In the name of self-care I bought myself a coloring book for adults a few months ago. It combines my favorite therapy, which is Mindfulness, with an all time favorite childhood past-time, which is coloring. I even bought myself a new set of coloring pencils. I tell you now that I still have not finished coloring in this page. Sometimes it seems more stress than relaxation!


4. I can’t wait for the internship to be over. I have a feeling I am burning out, but I’m just telling myself that I’ve got a few months to go and then my life will be decided. While work has been stressful lately, one upside of being in this internship is getting to meet a lot of amazing and influential people in my field. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I have an awesome supervisor who loves books. I believe she has a new book every month, and the great thing is she always shares it with me. This is one of the books she’s let me borrow for the year, and it’s been really helpful in terms of learning more about myself, and helping clients. Another book she let me borrow is Irvin Yalom’s book entitled: The Gift of Therapy. I swear, every chapter is relevant because as soon as I finish it, whatever lesson or wisdom nugget that Yalom leaves in his pages becomes very useful for my next client. I’ve been reading it through out the year. If you are a starting therapist like myself, I highly recommend this book for you.


And I’ve titled this post ‘Life-date’ because I wanted to combine ‘life’ and ‘update’. Wasn’t that clever? I know I have not been present in the blog world much, but my best friend and I had decided to re-kindle our love for writing. We used to keep diaries as kids, and we’d have sessions where we read our journal entries to each other. We were probably the earliest blogging community, us two. Haha. Anyway, my second mock exams are coming up, and our written exam is coming up too. I, meanwhile, am coming down with the flu, which is not nice. I hope to get better soon!

Until next time, dear readers!

TNB (thenecessaryblog) 


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