It’s a bit hard being the eldest child.

I’m a late bloomer, but it still breaks my heart that I’m finally moving out of my parents’ house! They’re a bit sad too, and my youngest brother is in denial.

Finally moving out, but at the same time, 6 days away from the move out date, I am questioning my decisions… do I even really need to grow-up???

It’s as if everything was given to me in perfect timing: I passed the psychology registration exams, I interviewed for a position in my internship placement, I got offered a full time job in said internship placement, I started house-hunting, we bought appliances without even knowing if I’d get accepted for the houses I applied for, and within a week, I did get an email from my now land-lady saying that she was happy to let me rent her unit.

And in 6 days, I am moving away from home!

I’m turning 27 in June. Moving out feels like a much bigger step towards adulthood than getting a job. I had thought I’d purchase myself an expensive designer handbag (or designer shoes) with my first paycheck, but I ended up purchasing my first rental unit. It’s a tiny basement unit, complete with kitchenette and toilet, but it’s newly renovated, so I’m happy about that. And, let’s not forget that it will cut my drive to and from work to half. A significant half!

It has been a busy half year for me! I reflected on it and then it made sense why I was feeling a bit stressed out. January was the snap decision of going to Chicago to visit my Lolo and mom’s side of the family. February was the Psychology Registration exams, March was interviewing for jobs, and our South Island roadtrip (which I have yet to blog about), April was starting as a full time Psychologist, with almost three times the number of patients I saw when I was an intern, and May will be all about moving house!


Whew. Self-care woman, self-care!

I think I need to do a values-based intervention on myself. Time to take stock and reflect again on what I want in life. I’m definitely thankful for all the blessings I’ve received, I mean I definitely feel lucky that things have fallen into place so effortlessly! #blessed

Until then, they say good life events are still stressful events. I’m hoping to make it through this week, what with moving and all, and I haven’t even packed my stuff yet. Gah.

Wish me luck!

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