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[Originally posted on July 27, 2010)

Don’t you just love it when random words spontaneously pop into your head and you think, “Hm, that sounds very good, witty and artistic! I could use that somewhere.” I was just sitting in front of my laptop, trying and trying to come up with another creative title for a new blog (I have been hopping from one blog to the next lately, because most people seemed to have outgrown Multiply, and I have blogged for so long on that site I found it hard finding a new home for my words).

Almost an hour later, I was pondering on why I found it compelling to create yet another blog in the first place (as my other recent blog is private…or only some close friends know where to find it). And when I thought another day would go by with only mild frustrations from having yet again attempted to give birth to a new online journal, the phrase “the necessary blog” popped into my head.


Why do I blog? Why is it necessary (for me)? I blog because it’s writing. I have this innate drive to seek out interesting bits and pieces from my every days, to note down thoughts that I find relevant to life, to enjoy finding hidden patterns in people, places and events- those elusive links that I can choose to connect and deem significant to me or to what’s currently happening to me. In a strange sense, I also feel really disorganized and lost when I haven’t had the chance to jot down my thoughts for so long. I find writing (or in this sense, blogging), a way of seeing my dilemmas up close, and because of this, I am able to examine it from new angles and perspectives, and eventually find a solution, or if not, feel better about my situation, to say the least. I also noticed that my writing takes on a different style when I know that it’s meant to be read. My other blog is kind of dying because I’m not as inspired to write because I know no one will read it anyway. Maybe writing really is meant to be shared, and not kept. Maybe I want to entertain people with what I have to say. Maybe this is just my way of being heard. I do hope though, that in future blogs to come, some ideas will inspire random readers. I would love to leave a good mark on the world, really.

It’s 1:15 in the morning and I have to be up again in…approximately 7 hours. I know that’s a lot of time to sleep for some people but I’m just not the type who ever got the hang of sleepless nights and fully functional brains in the morning. Oh well. To each, his own. And so I end this first blog with a quote from this really awesome book by Barbara De Marco- Barrett:

” Forget about the destination…the journey is the thing. The act of writing because you love doing it, because you like how you feel when you write- that’s reason enough…and the truth is, if you keep at it long enough, if you work at your craft, take it seriously, and aim for the top, you will most likely succeed…when you feel that strongly about something, you can’t just turn your back on it. You have to hang in there until it happens. And it does happen.”

[Credits to: http://www.flickr.com/phomonda-loves/ for the current backdrop of this blog]


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