Things I learned while my Mom was in America.

My mom went away to visit our relatives and family in the US for roughly 3 weeks, and she just got home today. She joked that she had wanted to go home already because it had seemed like we didn’t need her anymore. I’m pretty sure we still do, as my brothers and I breathed a sigh of relief as our tasks and chores can return to normal volumes again.

I was especially stressed when Mom announced that she was leaving on the exact same week that our end-of-year exams were happening. To be frank, I am very uptight about my studies, and I have these study rituals which keep me locked up in my room the whole day, only going out for basic necessities such as food and water. For the majority of my days as a student, my parents have indulged me with these sacred study times because they know that the grades I got really mattered to me, and I would have a hissy-fit if I got anything lower than an A-. I still maintained my usual chores, like washing up dishes, and folding all the clothes from the laundry, but they’d allow me to do the minimum amount required (I am realizing how silly I might sound, being so pedantic over my study rituals).

So when we found out the dates that my mom was set to leave, I was in a state. And that is actually an understatement, because it feels like I have never been in so much stress and anxiety all my life (I could be exaggerating, but honestly, that was how I felt). Luckily, one of my younger brothers were better at the kitchen compared to me, and so he took the task of preparing lunches for everyone, and cooking dinner. I volunteered as an assistant cook while my exams were underway. My other brother took care of the laundry, and the youngest had to start doing his own shifts for the dishes.

We managed quite well, if I say so myself. One of our main objectives was to make sure our dad experienced the least stress possible, because when something ticks him off, everyone suffers the consequences (and Pops if you’re reading this, you know we love you!). I’m very thankful I have 3 good brothers- whilst imperfect (as I know I am), everyone did their jobs (with a little prodding from me sometimes), which leads me to some of my realizations:

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Celebrating a Momentous Occassion.

Celebrate with me? Because I finally passed my restricted license test!!! Haha, it’s a very big deal for me, because:

a. I failed the first time, and today was my second attempt;

b. I can finally save up the money I usually spend for driving lessons and;

c. Passing the test was a major goal of mine for this year (it’s been 5 years since I got my Learner’s license!)

I feel so accomplished. I’ve put that off for such a long time! And to think that I passed in very bad weather as well! Thank You God! So now I’m just chilling with these driving-themed songs… I’ve spent a lot of time hyping myself up, and visualizing, and applying all those cognitive behavioral methods, and relaxation techniques I’ve learned in class! Haha! Mindful driving, that was the one. I tried to stay as aware and at the same time,
calm as possible! I had internal monologues, and at one point, I had to stop myself from singing the “We did it!” song from Dora the Explorer when I managed to do a reverse parallel park!

Asides from Dora though, I had other artists lined up to either inspire me, or congratulate me when the day comes…and this was the day!!! I’m so happy!

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Postponed…but look, Food!

Hey readers, not sure if you’ve seen the empty post yesterday, but WordPress was being all weird and decided to delete the content! Oh well, here I am again because I feel extremely guilty for not sticking to my once-a-week-fiction-writing. … Continue reading