Colourful Coron!

It’s been almost a month since my short holiday in the Philippines, and our visit to Coron, Palawan seems like it was just yesterday. My sun-burnt skin has started peeling though- much to my dismay, because it means that it … Continue reading

My Trip to India 2: Things to Eat and See!

Hi there! So for the second installment of My Trip to India, I’ve decided to write a little about all the places I’ve been to, and everything that I ate! If you’ve missed out on the first post, you can … Continue reading

Postponed…but look, Food!

Hey readers, not sure if you’ve seen the empty post yesterday, but WordPress was being all weird and decided to delete the content! Oh well, here I am again because I feel extremely guilty for not sticking to my once-a-week-fiction-writing. … Continue reading