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Thesis Diaries Day 189: Back from the dead!

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If you currently read my blog, you’ll know that I’m sentimental.

And because I’m sentimental, I tend to take big occasions (and okay fine, as well as the little ones), seriously. This has often led to disappointments which I don’t like to linger on as much because my biased brain is always set on trying to remember events in the nicest way possible. The problem with being sentimental is that planning events, like birthdays and holidays is a pain because hey, I want it to be special, but I don’t know how to make it special!

My 25th birthday is coming up.

Okay, you might say that it might not even be considered as a super special event, not like an 18th birthday, or a 21st. But I’m turning 25. I feel like I’ve reached the official beginning of the age of maturity. I’m no longer will no longer be in my younger twenties. I’m a quarter of a century old!

Part of being sentimental is making a big deal out of things.

I want to remember my 25th in a nice way. So I’ve been thinking about things that I can do. Sky diving was originally the plan, but because of a) not enough money to afford it because of a spontaneous trip to the Philippines and b) my partner in crime is a bit too heavy for the sky diver’s liking, then maybe I ought to do something else.

Some of my ideas were:

1. Doing the Auckland Harbor Bridge climb

2. Snorkeling with sharks in Kelly Tarlton’s

3. Sailing Yacht cruise with lunch around Auckland Harbor


At the moment, I’m more into option #3. After all, Auckland is the City of Sails, sailing could be fun!

Or I can just treat myself to a massage.

Or maybe I can do both.


Hm. This turning 25 business is tricky!

Any bright ideas, let me know! xoxo