Thesis Diaries Day 160: I still won’t find this funny in the future.

So this is me. Right now. Bruised and battered.



But I need to fight. Or die trying!

“This. Is. Spartaaaaaaaaa (a.k.a my thesis)!!!


High school never ends!

I am in my twenties- the age where one starts defining himself or herself as a capable individual; the age for further developing talents and building careers; the age for self-exploration and world-exploration; the age where one tests the limits of the heart… or psychologically speaking, the age where in the brain starts to fully develop (and so everything about one’s identity becomes relevant and memorable for the 20-something year old brain).

It’s the second week of the New Year, and it seems that all my friends are marveling at the passage of time. I am not an exception, I too am continually amazed at how much we’ve all grown. Recently, I’ve been in touch with my high school friends, and catching up with them seemed like opening a window to an entirely different world that had gone by. Suddenly, we were back in the high school cafeteria cramming stories and gossip over recess- the girl who got pregnant, the play boys, the successful models and businesswomen, the couple getting married, the long-time couple who split up, and the old crushes… who turned out to be gay.


And when I think about the high school girl that I used to be, I feel extremely overwhelmed! I was so different back then. For one, I used to be highly self-conscious. I used to care about little things that don’t matter much to me anymore. True, I am still more conscious than my other friends, but I guess I’ve learned to be comfortable in my own skin. I was never the popular girl- I was the nerdy, awkward, teacher’s pet kind of girl. I found it hard to talk to the other kids because I fear they’d judge me. Now, it doesn’t seem so shallow anymore. Now, I don’t feel the need to be ‘cool’, whatever that was. *winkwink*

Now we are moving on. We are building our careers, we are traveling the world, and we are meeting new people everyday. We have different experiences- some people I know are already getting married, some of my close friends are planning to move out of the family home soon, some have traveled numerous countries in the past year, and some have given up their day jobs in order to build up their businesses. Meanwhile, I am in grad school, and am on the way to getting my registration as a practicing Health Psychologist! I’ve kind of accepted the fact that I probably can’t move out anytime soon yet- what with the thesis and pre-internships and all, but that’s okay- at least I get to save more and remain in the house to pester, I mean, be a guidance to my younger brothers (especially in their teen years!).

To each, her own. It’s just amazing seeing and hearing about all the other girls who went to the same high school as yours, and learning that they’ve established totally different, and oftentimes, better personalities than their younger selves. We’re all out of our green and beige uniforms, and now making our own way around the world!

Now I can’t wait for the high school reunion! 😉


In Response to this week’s Daily Post Challenge: Dialogue

Hey there readers!

So you might know already that every now and then, I like to try writing out a little fiction. Well, this week, I’ve decided to participate in The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge. Their theme for the week is Dialogue, and if you want to check them out, just click the link!

I had the inspiration for this short story when I saw this photo on my Facebook news-feed. Hope you like it! 🙂

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My trip to India 1: Colours

Okay, I’ve decided to divide my experience into several smaller posts, according to a category that I see fit! For any new readers, I went to India back in December last year for the wedding of my boyfriend’s older sister. I’ve been putting off blogging about it because I didn’t know quite how I was going to share my experience, while doing it justice. Everything I read about the country was true: it holds different experiences for different people, and some will end up extremely hating it or extremely loving it. Fortunately, I’ve loved my experience, despite the fact that we didn’t really go for the rugged adventurer type. We were quite comfortable actually, and well-guided thanks to the warm reception we received from the groom’s family.

India was loud, crazy, noisy, amazing, dirty, busy, beautiful, and simply alive. The theme for this post will simply be all the wonderful, vibrant colors that were captured during the trip.

A photo I took on our first night in Mumbai. Very filled with character, isn't it?

A photo I took on our first night in Mumbai. Very filled with character, isn’t it?

In Mumbai, I got to experience shopping and haggling along the busy streets of Bandra. It was just a short walk from our hotel, and the little tents and stalls set up across the length of the street was so overwhelming! There were so many cheap and amazingly cute, exotic and lovely items that I was itching the whole time to keep from buying some more! The haggling was a bit stressful for me since I tend to be a push-over, so I was very thankful to have my boyfriend’s feisty and energetic aunt with us the whole time. She’s petite, but don’t let that fool you, she’s a mean-as haggler too!

So many shoes, so little time!

So many shoes, so little time!

The amazing Auntie M!

The amazing Auntie M!

Colaba Causeway was another spot we visited for the flea-market excitement. The prices were a bit higher though as it was a famous tourist spot, but that didn’t stop us from trying push the prices down! It was a fun experience!

Gold, silver, and other lovely trinkets!

An old pocket watch.

An old pocket watch.

We had one day dedicated to touring Mumbai city, and you can see every corner of the streets filled with people bustling about trying to make a living, or trying to successfully navigate through the lively chaos! I had to struggle to keep track of the group while taking photos of random things!


We also visited Agra and the Taj Mahal before heading back home, and as much as the Taj looked absolutely breathtaking from afar, seeing the decorations on its walls close up was equally magnificent. It took me a long time to ponder just how precise and delicate all the patterns and inscriptions were (I didn’t even know that the inscriptions were actually verses from the Quran). There is no question why it is one of the seven original wonders of the world!




  • A photo of our local tour guide showing us how the stones and glass were fashioned into the walls of the Taj.
    A photo of our local tour guide showing us how the stones and glass were fashioned into the walls of the Taj.
These were some of the ladies who ahead of us in line to see the Taj. Funnily enough, as I was taking discrete photos of them, I noticed they were doing the same to us too!

These were some of the ladies who were ahead of us in line to see the Taj. Funnily enough, as I was taking discrete photos of them, I noticed they were doing the same to us too!

And finally, while I plan to dedicate separate post, here are some shots from the wedding itself because really, that had to be the most colorful highlight of my trip!

P1030423I absolutely loved our saris!


Wacky shot of the bride, groom, and the bride’s maids!

Alright! Well, that’s it for my first post on India, and hopefully you’ve found it interesting enough to stay tuned for the following posts! Until next time! 🙂