A Quick Hello!

Dear Lovely Readers,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m writing to you from my new computer monitor, purchased recently because I was inspired to invest in my thesis year (which is next year). My wonderful boyfriend has been kind enough to charge the cost to his credit card, so I can just pay him back without too much pressure. As much as I believed that it will do me good being able to work from home, I also knew that it will become so much more fun to blog because of the HUGE space! And it is awesome!

Anyway, asides from the new monitor, I have also recently come from a weekend trip from Queenstown. I loved the city! There’s a backdrop of snow-capped mountains everywhere!

Purple and pretty!

Purple and pretty!

It was a short trip, but I had so much fun! More on that later on!

The only other big news I have is that I have already sort of confirmed my supervisor and my thesis topic for next semester. I’ll be working with PARO, a therapeutic healthcare robot created in Japan. Its been shown to have positive physical, psychological and social effects on patients. I never imagined I’d be working with robots, but because I feel passionate about improving the hospital experience, I guess it somehow makes sense too! I can’t wait!

Oh, and I’ve also participated in an fMRI study on memory and depression. Being inside the fMRI was a cool experience, despite the fact that I felt a bit nauseous during the experiment (I think it would have been enough for me to form an aversive memory of coffee, because the whole time, I can feel the coffee I’ve just drank struggling to climb its way back up my throat!), but motivation was that I was going to get a screenshot of my brain! I’ll post about that experience too for sure!

And that’s all from me for now, just taking a little break from my assignment! 😉

Officially Sold My Soul to Grad School.

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