Thesis Diaries Day 231: Something better than a significant other is a significant result!

Well, at least for now. If you have any kind of statistical background, you will know that when a result is significant, then it is reason enough for celebration. I did not expect to experience that much anxious anticipation while … Continue reading

Thesis Diaries Day 155: So it’s Mid-Year Already and the Robots are Against Me

We received an email from the department today asking for our mid-year reports (*cue panic). I’m back in Gore for my final data collection period, and it seems like every robot involved decided to throw a naughty, naughty tantrum. Yep. They all decided to do it at the same time. They knew I’d be here. They knew this time is crucial. They planned the perfect evil master plan.

(If I could self-destruct…)

I am hoping that they get their act together tomorrow. Please. Please Charlie?




Thesis Diaries Day 15

Hello there! I am back in Auckland, from the lovely little town of Gore in the South Islands. Contrary to everyone’s negative reactions when I tell them that I am assigned to go down to Gore, I actually found it … Continue reading