That Europe trip…

It’s been two weeks since Louis and I arrived back in Auckland from our big Europe trip. I say ‘big’ even though in total, we were only in Europe for 23 days (which is short compared to most gap years) because … Continue reading


Get Lost and Wander

During my second trip to Gore, my boyfriend was able to visit me over the weekend. Here are some photos from the Sunday that he was there. We didn’t have any particular plans, and so we just decided to drive … Continue reading


Thesis Diaries Day 15

Hello there! I am back in Auckland, from the lovely little town of Gore in the South Islands. Contrary to everyone’s negative reactions when I tell them that I am assigned to go down to Gore, I actually found it … Continue reading


Thesis Diaries Day 1.5

Hello from Gore! It’s a small town in the South island of New Zealand, right in the middle of the bigger cities, Invercargill and Dunedin.

I just wanted to commemorate the actual start of my thesis year, before I fall asleep (that’s why it’s Day 1.5… we left yesterday, Jan. 23, and it’s actually 12:51 am now, Jan. 24). We had a  2 hour flight, flying from Auckland, to Wellington, and then landing in Dunedin. From Dunedin, we drove further down for another 2 hours. I wanted to show you on the map, but I’m only on my mobile data, so maybe tomorrow night!

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Queenstown in Photos

These pictures are from my short trip to Queenstown (which is in the wonderful South Islands of New Zealand) back in August. Unfortunately I was too caught up with studies afterwards to even post about it! We just went over … Continue reading